25 Jul

At times when you try to access your SD card, you find out that all your data is corrupted. It can happen to anyone doesn’t matter if the SD card is physically damaged or not. We can understand how tensed and frustrated you must be feeling right now but not anymore because here’s a solution to your problem. In this blog, you’ll come around the finest ways to recover all the corrupted data from your SD card. But before you get started with the recovery process make sure it is really corrupted. To do so, first, try to use it on another device and check if there’s an issue with the installed drivers. 

Follow the below steps if you find out that your memory card is corrupted for sure:

  • First, of all, insert your memory card in the card reader and connect it to your computer.
  • Click on the Start button lower on the left corner on your PC and then select computer option from the left list.
  • Navigate or search your SD card under Devices with Removable Storage and note down the drive letter name.
  • Again click on the Start icon and then enter cmd in the search box.
  • Right-click on cmd.exe and click on Run as administrator option.
  • Type chkdsk [sd card drive letter]: /f /r x in the command window and then press enter.
  • Your system will run checks and then resolve all the possible errors with your corrupted SD card. Furthermore, it will also repair any damage done to your data and also retrieve lost data.

In case you will not be able to recover your data using Chdsk command, you can also use data recovery software to do it for you. Note that you should stop using your memory card as soon as you realize that it is corrupted as it can decrease the chances of data recovery. Need professional help to recover all your data from your damaged media as soon as possible? Contact Sydney Data Recovery Service now and tell our certified technicians about your concern.


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